RM5 million grant to empowering the operations of co-operatives in schools

The Malaysian National Cooperative Movement (ANGKASA) welcomes the RM5 million grant announced by the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Ministry (Dato' Seri Hamzah Zainudin) representing the Deputy Prime Minister, Dato' Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi yesterday.

A total of RM5 million grants will be distributed to 1,000 schools attending the School Cooperative Transformation Seminar 2018 Program  held from 12 to 13 February 2018 in Bandar Baru Bangi.

ANGKASA President, Dato' Abdul Fattah Abdullah said the grants given will be able to strengthen the school cooperative's capital in achieving revenue of more than RM1 million a year by 2020.

"ANGKASA will continue its efforts to ensure that the blueprint is achieved by giving full cooperation to school co-operatives especially in providing training and services to enchance the involvement of teachers and students by 100 percent in the school cooperative.

"At the same time, ANGKASA supports the KPDNKK's application for the Ministry of Education to consider allowing the secondary school cooperative to handle canteen management in accordance with the standard operating procedures and cooperative establishment regulation," he said.






ANGKASA empowers School Co-operative Activities

ANGKASA encourages the administration and management of school cooperatives to constantly seek ways to increase the involvement of members on co-operative economic activities.

ANGKASA's vice-president, Dato' Kamarudin Ismail said this is because the activities of consumerism have been able to catalyze the process of learning in the classroom as well as providing experience and disclosure of transaction skills that can attract students regardless of race, religion and gender

"The school co-operative model in Malaysia is the best model and has been recognized internationally. The school cooperative, which is also recognized as one of the activities of the school curriculum, is able to realize the ultimate goal of National Education Philosophy (FPN) towards furthering the potential of the individual in a comprehensive and integrated manner, "he said in his speech at the Closing Ceremony of Selangor and Federal Territory School Co-operative Management.








 e-Hailing TeksiCoop Kasturi Koperasi Johor Bahru launched

ANGKASA President, Dato' Abdul Fattah Abdullah attended the launch of e-Hailing TeksiCoop Kasturi Koperasi Johor Bahru launched by Johor Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin at Central Larkin Terminal.

TeksiCoop hopes to have a positive impact on more than 170 registered taxi drivers along side being expanded through co-operative movements nationwide to be utilized by cooperatives.

Well done to Koperasi Kasturi Johor for the development of the apps.

Cooperative should to venture into electronic related business so that the use of technology can be utilized for the advancement of the cooperative and its members.








ICAKL 2017 Appreciation Night

ANGKASA recognises the contributions as well as excellent achievement of its staff through ICAKL 2017 Appreciation Night held on January 26th, 2018.

ANGKASA President Dato' Abdul Fattah Abdullah says ICAKL 2017 will not succeed without cooperation and support from YAB Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia; YB Dato' Seri Hamzah Zainudin, Minister of KPDNKK-Laman Rasmi; Suruhanjaya Koperasi Malaysia (SKM), Maktab Koperasi Malaysia and the entire co-op members throughout the country.

"ICAKL 2017 Appreciation Night is a sign of appreciation and thank you to co-operatives, agencies, sponsors, staff of ANGKASA, volunteers, service providers and individuals who have put their effort to make sure International Co-operative Alliance Global Conference and General Assembly 2017, which was held from 14 to 17 November 2017 a success event," says Dato' Fattah.

Also present during the dinner was Executive Chairman of SKM, Head Director of MKM, Prof. Madya Dato' Dr. Abdul Rahman Abdul Razak Shaik.

Co-operatives, agencies, media representatives and sponsors received a plaque and certificate of appreciation.







Ustaz Don  Talks At ANGKASA Auditorium

Ustaz Don Daniyal Don Biyajid delivered talk on Life before Ghargarah at Wisma Ungku A. Aziz  Auditroium to over 500 ANGKASA staff describing good practices that will become the supply of muslims in life after death.

The talk organized by ANGKASA’S Sports and Welfare Club (KESKA) with the collaboration of Human Resource Development Division was attended by, Dato' Abdul Fattah Abdullah, President of ANGKASA, Dato' Kamarudin Ismail and, Hj Mohamad Azmi Omaruddin, Vice Presidents of ANGKASA.

Throughout the talk, Ustaz Don touches on blessings, especially in work practice, that contribute to kindness platform towards others.

He said shared knowledge and charities could be utilized and not buried solely, especially in co-operative practices that could benefit the entire co-operative movement and its members.







ACO Collaborates To Venture into Renewable Energy Industry

The ASEAN Co-operative Organizaton (ACOs) today  ventured into the Renewable Energy Industry (TBB) by establishing a strategic partnership with Mensilin Green Energy Sdn. Bhd.

The strategic partnership signed at Wisma Ungku A. Aziz through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the President of ACO, also President of ANGKASA, Dato 'Abdul Fattah Abdullah and Mensilin Green Energy Sdn Bhd Chief Financial Officer Ahmad Zaki. it involves cooperation in the use and conservation of active and passive energy for commercial buildings and facilities as well as industrialization of production.






Palm Nursery Project Handover Ceremony

ANGKASA has chosen the Koperasi Pekebun Kecil Negeri Sembilan Berhad as a mentor to Koperasi Peserta-Peserta Rancangan Felcra Kampung Rasau Slim River.

The Gross Domestic Product for Agriculture and Agro-based Industries Sector in Malaysia is expected to increase to RM110.7 billion by 2020.

Palm oil is categorized as a National Key Economic Area or NEKA that has the potential to contribute directly to Malaysia's economic growth.

The Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Sector of ANGKASA implements the Co-operative Palm Nursery Development Project under the Mentor Mentee Program of Establishment of Palm Nursery in 2016.

The main objective of the program is to increase the number of co-operatives in the nursery business in order to boost the production of oil palm as well as to increase the earnings of the Co-operative Sector.

Vice President of ANGKASA Dato 'Hj. Kamarudin Ismail, who is also Chairman of the Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Sector of ANGKASA, officiated the Palm Nursery Project Handover Ceremony to Koperasi Peserta-Peserta Rancangan Felcra Kampung Rasau Slim River in Perak on 22 January 2018.







Infaq Lil-Waqf Board, the Orphans Complex and nursing Darul Widad complex

Dato’ Abdul Fattah, who is also the President of the ASEAN Cooperative Organization, said that in addition to the contributions to build the Infaq Lil-Waqf Board, the Orphans Complex and nursing Darul Widad complex, ANGKASA also have contributed and developed several projects in several states using Infaq funds Lil-waqf ANGKASA namely: -

+ Establishment of ANGKASA Darul Sakinah Care Center, which places 35 senior citizens in full-time.

+ Economic development project with 401 selected Mosque Cooperative nationwide

+ Contribute Dialysis Machine and the cost of patient treatment costs in Government Hospitals, Private Hospitals, NGOs and others

+ Develop economic sector with plan of buying business premises to be contributed to the State Islamic Religious Council in providing strategic business centre especially for cooperative.

+ To hand over a building worth RM 1.56 million to be registered as a wakaf asset under the Johor State Islamic Council (MAINJ).



 ANGKASA meet the Deputy Prime Minister in Putrajaya

ANGKASA President Dato 'Abdul Fattah Abdullah heads the visit of ANGKASA National Administrative Committee to meet the Deputy Prime Minister, YAB Dato' Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi in Putrajaya.

The meeting was held to inform the latest developments of ANGKASA and the Co-operative Movement. Dato 'Abdul Fattah also took the opportunity to state the willingness of ANGKASA to participate in various government programs to empower the people's economy, especially through co-operative institutions.

YAB Deputy Prime Minister Dato 'Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid was also informed about the success of ICA Global Conference and General Assembly 2017 hosted by ANGKASA from 14 to 17 November 2017 and the organisation of Malaysian Carnival of Cooperatives' Products and Services (MACCOPS) from 15 to 19 November 2017.

The visit was also accompanied by ANGKASA's top leadership consisting of ANGKASA's Vice-Presidence; Datuk Hj. Mohamad Ali Hasan, Hj. Mohamad Azmi Omaruddin and Dr. Hj. Mohd. Azlan Yahya and Chairmen of ANGKASA Group Liaison Committee, Group Chief Executive Officer of ANGKASA, Hj. Nasir Khan Yahaya and the Director General of Co-operative College of Malaysia (MKM), YBhg. Prof. Madya Dato' Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Razak Shaik, who is also the Chairman of the National Conference of ANGKASA 






Blue Ocean Strategy: ANGKASA Collaborates With Pos Malaysia

The Malaysian National Cooperative Movement (ANGKASA) has entered into an agreement with Pos Malaysia Berhad (Pos Malaysia) through a Memorandum Signing Ceremony which was held on 22 December 2017 at Wisma Ungku A. Aziz. Kelana Jaya.

The memorandum was signed by Dato 'Hj. Abdul Fattah Hj. Abdullah, President of ANGKASA and Dato’ Mohd Shukrie Mohd Salleh, Group Chief Executive Officer of Pos Malaysia.

Through this collaboration, Pos Malaysia will serve as  co-operative membership registration agent, where co-operative financing payment can be made at any Pos Malaysia’s branches and co-operative may act as a mini post agent that will contribute additional income towards the sector. Co-operative may utilize Pos Malaysia’s strategic locations by optimizing the use of its office space in expanding its businesses towards post office visitors in general.

This collaboration is also in line with Pos Malaysia's "National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS)" objective which emphasizes economy capital and the economy of the community which align with ANGKASA's target to further strengthen the co-operative businesses. Through Pos Malaysia's experience and its network of 696 Post Offices, 200 Mini Post Offices, 34 Pos-On-Wheels as well as 51 sales officers throughout Malaysia, it is certainly helpful in solving the objectives of this collaboration.

Dato’ Hj. Abdul Fattah Hj. Abdullah hoped that through this collaboration the co-operative movement is able to explore business opportunities through the Blue Ocean Strategy (BOS) to further expand the co-operative business activities to become a competitive and more dynamic sector.

According to Dato’ Mohd Shukrie, the strategic partnership with ANGKASA is timely to promote and enhance the co-operative sector, and it will benefit both Pos Malaysia’s and ANGKASA’s members, where they will be able to gain access to Pos Malaysia’s services such as registration of co-operative membership and cooperative one step center for credit reference, amongst others.



Signing Ceremony Between MyANGKASA Amanah and PMB Investment Berhad

MyAngkasa Amanah Berhad (MAAB), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Malaysian National Co-operative Movement (ANGKASA) and PMB Investment Berhad, one of the leader in the Unit Trust industry in Malaysia has established a strategic collaboration in providing trust management and wills to investors.

The strategic collaboration is carried out to educate and expose investors on the importance of property planning through will and trust management instrument for the benefit of family member in facing future uncertainties.

Collaboration between MAAB and PMB Investment Berhad is crucial to its customers, as they can execute the will and inheritance management through PMBI agents throughout Peninsular Malaysia, with reasonable fees. MAAB also trains staff and PMBI agents to equip themselves with skills and knowledge in providing advisory and sales services to investors.

 The signing ceremony was attended by ANGKASA Deputy President, Mr. Mutadho Bahri, Chairman of Myangkasa Amanah Berhad, Datuk Hj. Mohamad Ali Hasan and Chairman of PMBI, Datuk Abdul Malik Ismail and PMBI's Chief Executive Officer, Najmi Mohamed.













Ariel Guarco elected president of the ICA

Ariel Guarco from Argentina has been elected president of the International Co-operative Alliance. The election took place at the International Co-operative Alliance’s General Assembly, a biennial event, held this year in Malaysia.

A full new board was also elected at the General Assembly. The board members elected are:

MALAYSIA – Kamarudin ISMAIL – Nominado por Malaysian National

Cooperative Movement (ANGKASA)

AUSTRALIA – Gregory WALL – Nominado por Capricorn Society Ltd

BRAZIL – Onofre Cezário De Souza FILHO – Nominado por Organização

das Cooperativas Brasileiras (OCB)

CANADA – Alexandra WILSON – Nominado por Co-operatives and

Mutuals Canada (CMC)

DENMARK – Susanne WESTHAUSEN – Nominado por Kooperationen

FINLAND – Marjaana SAARIKOSKI – Nominado por SOK Corporation

FRANCE – Florence RAINEIX – Nominado por Coop FR

INDIA – Aditya YADAV – Nominado por Indian Farmers Fertiliser

Cooperative Limited (IFFCO) 

ITALY – Carlo SCARZANELLA – Nominado por A. G. C. I. – Associazione

Generale Cooperative Italiane

JAPAN – Toru NAKAYA – Nominado por JA Zenchu (Central Union of

Agricultural Co-operatives)


NEPAL – Om Devi MALLA – Nominado por National Cooperative

Federation of Nepal

SINGAPORE – Kok Kwong KWEK – Nominado por Singapore National Cooperative

Federation (SNCF)

SWEDEN – Anders LAGO – Nominado por HSB

UNITED KINGDOM – Ben REID – Nominado por The Midcounties Cooperative

UNITED STATES – Martin LOWERY – Nominado por National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)                                                                          

The Assembly also approved the modification of the status that increases the number of sectoral representatives to 4 and the inclusion of the Gender Equality Committee chair in the Board. The above-mentioned Board has been framed with the ratifications of the vice-presidents of the regions and the youth representative.

Vice Presidents:

Africa - Stanley Charles Muchiri

Americas – Ramon Imperial Zúñiga

Asia-Pacific - Chunsheng Li

Europe - Jean-Louis Bancel

Sectoral Organisation Representatives:

Kim BYEONGWON nominated by International Co-operative Agricultural Organisation (ICAO)

Isabelle FERRAND, International Co-operative Banking Association (ICBA)

Manuel MARISCAL, International organisation of cooperatives in industry and services (CICOPA)

Petar STEFANOV, Consumer Cooperatives Worldwide (CCW)

Gender Equality Committee

Maria Eugenia Pérez Zea

Youth Representative

Sébastien Chaillou











Linda Yueh

The Alliance is proud that Dr Linda Yueh will give the opening keynote address at the Global Conference. Dr Yeuh will kick off the event with a global outlook about economic, social, and environmental challenges with a specific focus on Asia, and discuss the possible contributions of co-operatives to address those challenges.

An intriguing keynote speaker and authority on major economies as well as those of developing countries, fellow in economics at Oxford University, Dr Linda Yueh is a member of the World Economic Forum and a contributor to CNBC and CNN. As one of the outstanding economists in the world, she explores the effects of globalization and drivers of economic growth and development. 

Her specialty is on the Chinese economy, in which she looks at emerging markets in the country. Due to her expertise, Dr Yueh was named the BBC’s Global Chief Business Correspondent in April 2013.

Dr Yueh is an adjunct professor of economics at the London Business School and a visiting professor of economics at Peking University. Additionally, she is an economics commentator on the BBC, Channel 4 News, CNBC, CNN and ITV News. Previously, she was an international corporate lawyer and economics editor at Bloomberg TV, where she hosted the weekly show Economic Edge. She directs the China Growth Centre (CGC) at Oxford University, is an associate of the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and a fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts in the UK. Read More



 Gro Harlem Brundtland

As an environment minister, Prime Minister, and party leader, Dr. Gro Harlem Brundtland gained international recognition as a leader on key global challenges, the environment, human rights and sustainable development. The Alliance is pleased that Dr. Brundtland has accepted to be a keynote speaker at its global conference.

Sustainable development is at the very core of co-operative enterprises. As a model of business based on ethical values and principles whose goal it is to provide for the needs and aspirations of their members, co-operatives play a pivotal role in responding to local community needs and objectives.

Sustainability, therefore, forms one of the five pillars of the Alliance’s Blueprint for a Co-operative Decade, which aims to position co-operatives as builders of economic, social and environmental sustainability by 2020. The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) acknowledged the role of co-operatives in "contributing to social inclusion and poverty reduction, in particular in developing countries”.

Dr. Brundtland completed her medical studies at Oslo University. As a young mother and newly qualified doctor, she won a scholarship to the Harvard School of Public Health where her vision of extending health beyond the confines of the medical world into environmental issues and human development began to take shape. Read More





Over 1,600 Attending ICA KL 2017

More than 1,600 delegates from 93 countries have signed up for the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Conferencein  Kuala Lumpur 2017 from Nov 14 to 17.

President of Malaysian National Co-operative Movement (ANGKASA) Dato’ Abdul Fattah Abdullah said the event organized by ANGKASA will include among others seminars to elaborate on certain topics besides discussing the co-operative direction and challenges around the world.

"We will also hold a paper presentation to promote Malaysia's contribution and role internationally,".

Abdul Fattah said ANGKASA will host a concurrent program namely Malaysian Carnival of Cooperatives’ Products and Services (MACCOPS) 2017 towards transforming the cooperative business to a higher level, from Nov 15 to 19.








 Malaysian Carnival Of Cooperatives Products Services

MACCOPS 2017 or Malaysian Carnival Of Cooperatives Products Services is a program of the 3rd organized by ANGKASA and show is an annual event in the cooperative products and services across the country. 

MACCOPS is a brand that will elevate products and services Malaysian cooperative movement towards the country and the global world. Products and services cooperatives that are directly involved in MACCOPS 2017 will be given opportunities for development and expansion until it is on par with the main products in the domestic and foreign markets.

Carnival Products and Services Cooperative or 'MACCOPS' was launched in 2014 and this initiative made by Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad in order to elevate products and cooperative services at the national and international levels. One of the goals was to build MACCOPS and improve the socio-economic performance and promote entrepreneurial activities of the cooperative movement in the country.

MACCOPS was successfully organized for the second time in 2015 that this program has been to provide a platform and infrastructure to connect business communities and cooperation at the national level and ASEAN. The impact on the organization has been able to prove with the participation in 200 exhibitors, local cooperatives and cooperatives of the ASEAN countries.

MACCOPS 2017 offers more to excite when the time is organized simultaneously with ICAKL2017. Therefore, the organization will focus in business transformation cooperation to a higher level and will provide an opportunity for cooperatives to explore broader ANGKASA business when the event was combined with the participation in international cooperation.Equality in Diversity is the theme chosen to reflect a sense of belonging or solidarity and  equality through cooperatives.

As we all know, the cooperative developed a variety of economic activities ranging from retailing wholesale sector, tourism and health care, finance, real estate, agriculture and agro-based industry, agriculture and telecommunications, and innovation.

MACCOPS through this platform, it can be put together through shared values, principles and philosophy of cooperatives. The main objective is to develop the socio, economic and cultural.


  • To provide an international platform for connecting people and business
  • To promote entrepreneurial cooperative activity among cooperative members.
  • To promote the benefits of C2C business network.


The programs of interest:

1. Exhibition of products and services cooperative. 

2. The business matching session between the cooperative and the cooperative and

    cooperative Cooperation with strategic partners. 

3. Seminars and business lectures by local and international speakers. 

4. Cultural bodies shows and cultural multicultural school cooperatives. 

5. Session demonstration of products and services that will provide a space for

    exhibitors to promote their products and services.



"Co-operatives: Putting people at the centre of development"

ICA Global Conference and General Assembly 2017 will have speakers from all over the world to talk about topics ranging from integrating gender equality into your co-operative to role co-operatives can play to improve the livelihoods and security of migrants and refugees.
All of the topics to be discussed in the conference will revolve around the theme that has been chosen, which is "Co-operatives: Putting people at the centre of development".

This year's conference is proud to have the first female Prime Minister of Norway & Deputy Chair of The Elders, Gro Harlem Brundtland, who will discuss the implications for building a more sustainable future as a united movement.

ICA Global Conference and General Assembly will be hosted by ANGKASA from 13 to 17 November at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa.

Come join the largest co-operative gathering in the world by registering here https://register.malaysia2017.coop/

International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) Global Conference and General Assembly's theme from 2013 to 2017.
Year: 2013
Destination: Cape Town, South Africa
Theme: A Co-operative Decade In Action
Year: 2015
Destination: Antalya, Turkey
Theme: Towards 2020: What Will Your Co-operative Look Like?
Year: 2017
Destination: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Theme: Co-operatives: Putting People At The Centre of Development


ICA is capable of generating RM200 million

ANGKASA expects a business commitment of RM200 million to be obtained through the inauguration of ICA Global Conference and General Assembly (ICAKL 2017) in Kuala Lumpur November this year.

ANGKASA’s president, Dato 'Abdul Fattah Abdullah, said that approximately 1,600 representatives from 105 countries would attend the biennial conference from November 13th to 19th.

He said the projected business commitment was the result of the commercialization of various products from about 60 cooperatives participating in various major countries of the world including the United States, China, Korea, Japan, Canada and Iran.

"ICA is a global independent body that unites and represents cooperatives from all over the world and Malaysia is the second Islamic state to host the event after Turkey.

"The organizing of the ICA 2017 conference will also attract many cooperative leaders from all over the world to know Malaysia and explore market opportunities for their products," he said.



Putting people at the centre of development

Development has been a subject of international debate for decades, in particular seeking to balance wealth creation and poverty reduction. It has focused on the economy and on the national scale of organization, and economic indicators such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) have provided the principal measures of progress.

Co-operatives are a growing and sustainable form of enterprise, a unique business model that puts people at the centre of development. Co-operatives allow members to have control over and localise their revenues, enjoy quality jobs, and meet their needs, all from a care-for-community perspective.

Co-ops provide a platform for people to unite as businessmen and women. Co-operatives are unique in that they combine economic success with democratic governance and concern for community. This makes co-ops significant social and economic actors.

At an individual company level, co-operative employment reveals distinctive characteristics, a combination of economic rationale, a quest for efficiency, shared flexibility, a sense of participation, a family-type environment, pride and reputation, a strong sense of identity, and a focus on values. This mix of characteristics has been shown to be both a cause and a consequence of the economic sustainability of co-operatives.

The co-operative business model itself was born as a way to shorten supply chains, eliminating intermediaries, either by aggregating producers or consumers. The major difference between co-operatives and other business models in terms of supply chain intervention is that co-operatives integrate their values and principles into those supply chains, and not just to reap the economic benefits.

It’s time for co-operative movement to evaluate the ways to improve equality, end poverty, and care for the environment, while succeeding as businesses.




100 Champion Product on par with global products

ANGKASA is highlighting the 100 Champion Products during the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) Global Conference  and General Assembly 2017 to be held from November 14 to 17, 2017.

ANGKASA’s President, Dato 'Abdul Fattah Abdullah, said that 100 Champion products, especially those under agro-food products with halal status will be given focus to explore the global market.

"To become a global player, we need to ensure that the products  exported are those that has good demand abroad.

The 100 Champion Product program not only reinforces the domestic and global cooperative sector, but it also stimulates the country's economy.

Developed through a collaborative program between ANGKASA and SIRIM Berhad (SIRIM), the 100 Product Champion program is an initiative to provide comprehensive exposure to cooperative entrepreneurs especially with regards to preparation and current needs to enhance local cooperative capabilities.







ANGKASA effort to elevate co-operative businesses

In line with ANGKASA Strategic Plan 2017-2050 in the effort to strengthen economic development through the country's cooperative movement, ANGKASA has set up a subsidiary, MyAngkasa Bina Sdn. Bhd. to develop housing and plantation projects in collaboration with other cooperatives to diversify business activities.

Its president, Dato' Abdul Fattah Abdullah, said the strategic plan was to realize the vision of Angkasa to become the catalyst for the development cooperatives in ASEAN by 2020.

"The country's first cooperative town, Bandar Penawar Coop City in Kota Tinggi was introduced and is expected to be fully completed early 2019 where the first phase will consist of the development of 30 units of shops and 128 units of double storey terrace houses.

"Upon completion, all the shops and double-storey terrace houses will be given priority to the cooperative members in the state which has so far have 1,300 cooperatives with about 500,000 members," he said.

Overall, Bandar Penawar Co-City, jointly developed between ANGKASA and Pengerang Kota Tinggi Berhad (Kopeti) Cooperative includes three phases of mixed development with a gross development value of RM217 million on 22 hectares of land in Bandar Penawar.

The construction of the project is based on the same concept as the world's first and largest cooperative town of Bronx, New York, USA.

In addition to Bandar Penawar Coop City, ANGKASA is also focusing on the success of two other housing projects in Alor Gajah, Melaka and Taiping, Perak involving the construction of 48 units of houses on 14.9 hectares of land and the construction of a RM30 million condominiums and hotel on a 0.4 hectare property owned by the Malay Teachers Cooperative.






Co-operative Product Branding towards global recognition

Strengthening business strategic cooperation among ASEAN co-operatives shall create effective business networks in the market of regional cooperative products and services.

President of ASEAN Cooperative Organization (ACO), Dato’ Abdul Fattah Abdullah said that with a total population of 630 million people in ASEAN, the market potential for cooperative products and services is widespread.

Dato ' Abdul Fattah, who is also the President of ANGKASA, recommends that every ASEAN country embark on an effort to establish this strategic business partnership even on a small scale at an early stages it can be expanded more rapidly seeing at current developments.

"This collaboration of business covers a wide range of areas including high-impact businesses that are currently being carried out by many regional co-operatives.

MALAYSIA is honored to host the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Global Conference and General Assembly or ICAKL 2017 to be held on November 14-17, 2017 at Sunway Resort Hotel & Spa. This is a bi-annual program organized by ICA in collaboration with ICA members, ANGKASA held in Kuala Lumpur.

ANGKASA is also organizing the Malaysia Cooperative Products and Services (MACCOPS) Carnival from November 17 to 19 in conjunction with the ICAKL 2017 program.

"Cooperatives in Malaysia should take advantage of this opportunity so that their products and services can be marketed and established worldwide," he said.






Co-operative must seize business networking opportunity

MACCOPS was introduced in 2014. The initiative was made by ANGKASA in an effort to uphold the national co-products and services globally.

President of Malaysian National Cooperative Movement (ANGKASA) Dato' Abdul Fattah Abdullah said MACCOPS is a brand that highlights Malaysia's cooperative products and services for the local and global community.

Among MACCOPS products and services are tourism and personal care, agriculture and plantation, real estate, finance, retail and wholesale, and community based services.

"MACCOPS opens up business opportunities as consumers can get their hands on cooperative products and services from over 200 exhibitors. It also opens up market opportunities for cooperative products especially to international market, "he said.







School cooperatives recognized by International Co-op Bodies

Malaysia is one of the country in that runs school level unlike most other countries around the world that establish cooperatives at the university level.

Because of that, the success of the school cooperative to embed entrepreneurial culture amongst students has attracted the interest of cooperative globally to emulate it what is being achieved in this country.

Fiji, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Singapore has shown their interest to develop thair own school co-operative by making Malaysia as their example in developing their own school co-op.

ANGKASA President, Dato 'Abdul Fattah Abdullah said this proves the confidence of foreign countries in Malaysia’s management of school cooperatives that are well organized under the supervision of ANGKASA and the Malaysian Cooperative Societies Commission (SKM).

"School cooperatives may compete with adult co-operatives if they are well planned and structured given that the students and teachers are passionate of empower school co-op activities.

"What matters most is the support and business opportunities by the school principals to their respective cooperatives," he said.








Cooperative Halal Products Reaching Global Market

The Malaysian National Co-operative Movement (ANGKASA) welcomes Malaysia's selection as the host of the International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) Global Conference and General Assembly 2017 (ICAKL 2017) which will be held on November 14-17, 2017 and shall seize this opportunity that has great potential to increase local cooperatives products and services for international trade.

ANGKASA President, Dato 'Abdul Fattah Abdullah encourage all cooperatives to take advantage of the of Halal certificates certified by the International Certification Body and acknowledged globally.

 Dato 'Abdul Fattah said the recognition is an advantage in commercializing Halal food products to be marketed globally, especially during the Malaysian Carnival and Cooperative Services (MACCOPS 2017) which will be held at the same venue on 15th November 19th 2017 .

 "This opportunity needs to be captured by all local cooperatives to increase sales of products which in turn can generate their members' income. The market for halal products is vast and capable of contributing millions of ringgit annually to co-operatives.







Launching ceremony of ANGKASA – Co-operative Go Kart Challenge

Launching ceremony of ANGKASA – Co-operativeGo Kart Challenge in conjunction with ICAKL 2017 with NSTP Co-operative

Opening by Deputy President of ANGKASA, Mr. Mutadho Bahri and also present Chairman, NSTP Cooperative Chairman, Mohd Fadzil Abd Ghani and ANGKASA Vice President, Datuk Haji Kamarudin Ismail



ANGKASA, International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and Coop flag were proudly raised at the highest peak of Peninsular Malaysia, Mount Tahan

The Malaysian National Cooperative Movement (ANGKASA), International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) and Coop flag were proudly raised at the highest peak of Peninsular Malaysia, Mount Tahan by 13 ANGKASA and MyANGKASA Bina Sdn Bhd staff, yesterday.

The effort to capture the peak at 2187 meters for five days by ANGKASA Hikers from ANGKASA Sports Club (KESKA) was conducted in conjunction with ICA Global Conference and General Assembly 2017 or ICAKL 2017 which will take place on November 14, 2017 until November 17, 2017.

ANGKASA President, Dato 'Abdul Fattah Abdullah was also present to encourage and motivate the hikers  as well as to hand over Hiking Certificate Program to the participants.








The Malaysian Carnival of Co-operatives' Products & Services (MACCOPS)

The Malaysian Carnival of Co-operatives' Products & Services (MACCOPS) will take place on 15-19 November 2017, offering delegates attending the Global Conference a unique opportunity to exhibit at this impressive showcase of co-operation.

MACCOPS was first held in 2014 and initiated by the Malaysian National Co-operative Movement (ANGKASA) to serve the national co-operative movement in developing and sustaining socio-economic performance as well as promoting co-operative entrepreneurship activities. In 2015, there were more than 200 exhibitors, attracting thousands of local and international visitors.

The 2017 MACCOPS will take place at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre, the same location of the Global Conference's networking event on Wednesday, 15 November.





Empowering Cooperative in Property and Building Sector 

The involvement of cooperatives in real estate development as developers, contractors, consultants, suppliers of building materials as well as growing investor shall boost the country's construction industry.

However, the cooperative involved in property development is facing a number of challenges hence, the National Co-operative Movement (ANGKASA) continuously finding ways to support and develop the National Cooperative Movement that is involved in this sector by organizing a convention with the intention to engage cooperatives in the business of real estate and construction industries as well as forming a business network.

This effort is in line with the National Cooperative Policy (DKN) 2011-2020 outlines the sector as one of the National Key Economic Area (NKEA) which is capable of delivering a big impact towards the cooperative movement.

The convention is an avenue for cooperative to form a network and supply activities to the cooperative involved in this sector. This shall assist cooperative to develop buildings and houses built at affordable prices and most importantly affordable for members of the cooperative. ANGKASA’s effort shall help the longevity and relevancy of cooperative involved in this sector.





National School Cooperative Recognized Globally

The increased number of Asian countries interested in referring Malaysia School Cooperative Movement to be applied in their respective countries is a prove that the movement is recognised globally. 

It was recently that a delegation from the Seoul Education Research and Information Institute came to ANGKASA to record a documentary and get a more detailed information on school  cooperative movement that is recognised as one of the best by International Co-operative Alliance (ICA) .

Seoul Education Research and Information Institute's Head of Production, Yi Yunjeong said the documentary on the school's cooperative movement would be used as a reference to the co-curriculum of schools in South Korea.

He said although some schools in Seoul have established their own cooperative movement since 2014, it has not grown the same as in Malaysia and has no part of the program that can relate to business activities.

"Meeting with ANGKASA, as well as visits to several successful school cooperatives, helps us to understand the management of school cooperatives including how students spend time managing their business in co-operative and while attending their class session," he said.


ANGKASA Continues Exploring Global Market

ANGKASA is optimist to explore cooperation opportunities with Mauritius Coorperative Alliance Ltd (MCUL) especially in the Tourism and Fishery Sector.

President of ANGKASA, Dato 'Abdul Fattah Abdullah, who is also President of ASEAN Cooperative Organization saw the potential to promote growth and internationalization of small and medium enterprises in stimulating the both country's economy especially in cooperative sector.

“The two counties has so much in common in many aspects such as its multicultural society and natural beauty, and Mauritus is one of the world's leading holiday destinations offering investment opportunities in the hotel industry and infrastructure development. “

Dato’ Abdul Fattah said this when accepting cooperation proposal from MCUL Secretary-General, KemwanteeBhemah during a meeting with 21 members of the cooperative from Mauritius during a visit to ANGKASA in Kelana Jaya.

During the visit,members of MCUL cooperative are interested in local cooperative products and are keen to import and market them in Mauritius.

"We hope this visit will open up bigger market opportunities between Mauritius and Malaysia especially for co-operative movements in both countries," he said.


Gearing Towards ICAKL 2017

The Steering Committee meeting was held on Aug 10 to discuss and update the preparation of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Global Conference & General Assembly (ICAKL 2017) which will take place from 14 to 17 November 2017.

ANGKASA is the host to theglobal Co-operative Assembly carries the theme "Cooperative: Putting People at the Center of Development".

In conjunction with ICAKL 2017, ANGKASA will also hold the Malaysian Carnival of Co-operatives' Products and Services (MACCOPS) from 15th to 19th November 2017 at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Center.

Through MACCOPS, cooperatives will have the opportunity to highlight their products and services to global markets.