Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Sector


Ensuring the Plantation Sector and Agriculture & Agro-based sector cooperative movement more competetive and have a major impact by 2020.


Empower cooperative farming and agriculture in improving the quality, technology, and marketing of value chain and agricultural plantation.


  1. Increasing the productivity and competitiveness of the farming sector and agricultural cooperatives through large-scale economic development projects (economies of scale) and diversified activities (sustainable development).
  2. Increase the contribution of the agricultural sector and cooperative farming in the National Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
  3. Promoting investment to increase cooperative agricultural & plantations values through ownership or purchase of land, company shares, and a joint venture (JV).
  4. Ensure the development of the Plantation and Agricultural cooperatives to grow sustainably as well as reducing living cost.


  1. Project implementation by cooperative grouping and collaboration.
  2. ANGKASA leads and facilitate the implementing the project.
  3. Collaborate with government agencies and private sectors.
  4. To consult and collaborate with the government to prioritize cooperatives Organize consultation and cooperation with the government in in tenders / quotes / permit / license awards.