Finance Division and Revenue Group


Contribute to the strengthening of ANGKASA financial status by 2020


Planning, implementing and regulating ANGKASA financial status


1. Provide adequate financial provisions for Division in ANGKASA to carry out programs and regulate spending according to provisions in achieving the vision and mission of ANGKASA as the apex body while creating a financial management system that is efficient and effective. Maximize the use of technology in terms of financial management and accounting.

2. Maintain the accounts of all spent and received money and bought and sold stocks under the provisions ANGKASA By law (Labor Law) paragraph 40 (e) and 40 (f).

3. Carry out other duties in relation to ANGKASA financial matters as directed by the JKT and JKK from time to time and under the provisions of paragraphs 56 to 62 of the Labor Law. 


1. To plan, implement, control and coordinate the ANGKASA account in achieving ANGKASA goals. 

2. To advice ANGKASA decision makers on finance and accounting. 

3. Prepare ANGKASA monthly and annual financial statements.

4. Develop investment methods and identify investment made will yield satisfactory result.   

5. To regulate and monitor Division expenditure.

6. Manage and making sure purchase of goods/ as well as ANGKASA maintenance and disposal of items are made according to established procedures.