Human Resource Development Division


Drive Human Resource Division at the forefront of excellence in ANGKASA human capital  to produce excellent workforce, competitive and create a conducive working atmosphere by 2020.


To drive ANGKASA transformation and development of Human Resource development in producing ANGKASA workforce that are competetive, competent and full of integrity and provide innovative and strategic training for the employees.


1. Design and implement policies related to the development and management of human resources to meet the needs of the organization in line with the vision, mission and objectives of ANGKASA;

2. Develop programs and training for ANGKASA employees

3. Planning and reviewing human resource requirements and manage recruitment, appointment, extension of the probationary period, confirmation, promotion of work and retirement.

4. Manage payroll and benefits including employee benefits, compensation for retirement, allowances, subsidies, medical facilities and staff as well deduction of insurance required by the Act and the provisions of the law.

5. Discipline Management and Industrial Relations

6. Ensure compliance with laws related services such as the Employment Act 1955, the Industrial Relations Act 1967, the Trade Unions Act 1959, the Social Security Organisation Act / SOCSO, Employees Provident Fund Act and the implementation and management of staff.

7. Manage postive working culture in ANGKASA

8. Manage ANGKASA Corporate Social Responsibility Programs


1. Plan and implement policies related to human resources development and management

2. Design and implement human resource in developing competent workforce

3. Manage the relationship between employers and employees towards creating harmony working condition.

4. An advisor in the aspect of human resource management