Sharia Management and Development Division


To lead co-operative in ensuring the welfare of co-operative and socities


Provide products and services that are Shariah Compliant


D - Devoted

P - Proactive

S - Systematic


  1. Raising cooperative awareness to contribute individual alms and co-operative business alms.
  2. Distribute ANGKASA alms for cooperative members that are in need.
  3. Encourage co-operative consisting of employees, members and customers of Credit and Banking Services to contribute Infaq through ANGKASA Infaq Lil-Waqf Scheme.
  4. Increasing the number of co-operative that receive Sharia Compliance Certificate.
  5. Improve Sharia Compliance among Islamic society.


  1. Encourage operation implementation that is Sharia-compliant and carry out the tasks of the secretariat for ANGKASA Sharia Committee.
  2. Carry out the task as representative of co-operative alms collector and other organizations that are authorized in the state with the collaboration with the Islamic Council / Alms State Central and distribute ANGKASA alms in accordance with the resolution made by the National Administrative Committee (JTK)
  3. Collect and coordinate / administer co-operative Infaq Lil-Waqf fund / members and others monitored by ANGKASA Infaq Lil-Waqf Hisbah