Plantation Sector

The vision of ANGKASA Plantation Sector is to assist cooperatives to become more competetive and contribute to high impact businesses by 2020.

The Mission is this sector is to empower farming cooperative by increasing quality, technology, chain value and farming product marketing.


1.Improve productivity and competitiveness of Plantation Sector Cooperative through economic scaled development project (economic of scale) and nature diversity (sustainable development).

2.Increase the contribution of cooperatives in the plantation sector towards the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

3.Promote investment to add value to the Plantation Sector through cooperative ownership or purchase of land, company shares ownership, and a joint venture (JV).

4.Ensure that the development of farming sector cooperative is growing at a sustainable, environmentally friendly and reduce the cost of living of the people.


1.Implementat group plantation projects by merging cooperatives.

2.ANGKASA acts as leader and facilitator in implementing the project.

3.Implementation of the project is integrated with the collaboration of agencies and government departments as well as private sectors.

4.Organize consultation and cooperation with the government for preferences in tenders / quotes / permit / license award.