Innovation and Technology Sector

As the apex of cooperative movement, ANGKASA sees the need to establish a literate cooperative society in order to maximize productivity in it’s business activities. The use of e-commerce has a great potential in the expansion of cooperative products and services to reach the open market. Meanwhile the implementation of Green technology culture is crucial to support environment preservation in ensuring the wellbeing of the society


1.To provide the best ICT infrastructure for the cooperatives.

2.To provide basic e-commerce to cooperatives to expand their market reach.

3.To produce IT literate cooperative community.

4.Cultivate green technology, ensure the well being of the society and the environment.




 1.Strengthening the human capital of cooperative through ICT training to stimulate the development of cooperatives.

2.Development of cooperative business through e-commerce platform.

3.Instill innovation and creativity culture in cooperative management.

4.Stimulate cooperative new business areas through innovation in green technology.

5..MyAngkasa Mobile Service.

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