Retail and Wholesale Sector

To support the establishment of cooperative supermarket chain as the medium of cooperative products is one of ANGKASA Wholesale & Retail Sector Resolution.

Listed below is 7 more resolutions of ANGKASA Wholesale & Retail Sector: -

1. To appoint and recognize ANGKASA to lead Wholesale and Retail Sector Committee

2.Request the government to ease and award subsidized quota to the cooperatives.

3.Request the government to review the existing acts and regulations to enable cooperatives to engage in the Wholesale and Retail Sector.

4.Requests the government to allocate special funds for the development of the cooperative movement in the Wholesale and Retail Sector

5.Request the government to grants and allocate more retail space.

6.Request the government to increase "Distribution Center (DC)" form of cooperative according to states to facilitate the distribution of goods to the rural cooperatives.

7.To support cooperatives in wholesale and retail sector to recognized as part of the Small and Medium Industries.



To be the catalyst for the development of cooperative engaged in professional business and entrepreneurship through Wholesale and Retail Sector by 2020.


Provide programs that gives high impact on cooperative business and stimulate cooperative participation in Wholesale and Retail Sector through professional management and services.


  1. Develop cooperative distribution center (DC)

      - Identify cooperative with potential in becoming a DC to distribute cooperative products.

      - Analyze, plan and propose the development of infrastructure for DC and logistics as well as forwarding including the development of a centralized management and efficient storage system.

      - Develop DC and logistics facilities for selected cooperatives.

      - Measure the performance of DC cooperative and logistics monthly and annually.

      - Monitor the activities and operations of the cooperative for the purpose of improvement.


  1. Develop SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) of cooperative products.

      - Identify cooperatives that produce and distribute products (run by members) for filtering and  chosen for development purposes.

      - Cooperatives that have have been chosen will be selected for product development program.

      - Update product data center and divide the products according to clusters and the current production level before being selected for the program development.

      - Measure products sale performance monthly and annually.

      - Monitor cooperative product development activity for improvement purpose.


  1. Develop Entrepreneur Service Center (PKU)


      - Identify cooperative products to be placed in PKU

      - Identify non-cooperative products to be placed in PKU

      - Promote cooperative products especially those that is guided by ANGKASA.

      - Become trading center (trading house) before being marketed in Distribution Centers (DC).

      - A one-stop center for consumer products to staff, board members and cooperatives.

      - Measure sales and promotion activities monthly and annually.  

      - Monitor the management of Entrepreneur Service Center.


  1. Develop cooperative retail network

      - Develop and update data on retail chains nationally and internationally.

      - Identify cooperative store retailing system and suggest improvements that can be implemented.

      - Identify cooperative products and placement  suitable for national and international market.

      - Measure the performance of retail chains operating in the country and abroad.

      - Monitor activities and operations for the purpose of improvement