Infaq Lil-Waqf

Infaq Lil - Waqf is an endownment plan developed by ANGKASA through its Syariah Services Department to facilitate the cooperative community and salary deduction customers to make monetary donations based on the waqf concept. Funds collected are channelled through waqf projects to help develop the livelihood of cooperative members and the community at large. Donors can donate in instalments or lump sum via salary deduction, cheque, bank drafts or cash.

The purpose of Infaq Lil- Waqf 

To raise funds for projects / programs that will enhance socio-economic status of co-operatives 

Contribution Benefit

The benefits of Infaq Lil- Waqf can be enjoyed by all co-operative members and society in general. It will be used for a variety of activities that do not conflict with Islamic law. ANGKASA and co-operatives shall reap the benefit of Infaq Lil- Waqf such as:

  • Create co-operative business center
  • Establish accommodation service ( Co-operative Rest House )
  • Provide nursing home and protection to those in need (Darul Sakinah Shelter)
  • Establish educational institution
  • Establish Dialysis Center