ANGKASA’S Strategic Plan Development (2017-2050)

ANGKASA’S Strategic Plan Development ANGKASA (2017-2050) encompasses Four (4) Strategic Pillars namely ECONOMIC, ECOSYSTEM, GOVERNANCE AND INNOVATION.

The thrusts for each pillar are embedded with Internal Focus (to reinforce ANGKASA's organizational infrastructure) and External Focus (to preserve Co-operative Movement led by the ANGKASA)

The development of the ANGKASA Strategic Plan (2017-2050) is in line with the government's aspirations as contained in the New Economic Policy, National Co-operative Policy 2011-2020 and Putrajaya Declaration. In developing the core of each pillar, the five key focus areas outlined in the National Co-operative Policy (2011-2020) are also used as references and linked to the ANGKASA’s Strategy Thrust (2017-2050).

To achieve the strategies set for each Pillars, ANGKASA will preserve the position of ANGKASA as a global APEX body by compiling the Action Plan in three (3) periods of Short Term Plan (2017-2020), Medium Term Plan (2021 -2030) and Long Term Plan (2031-2050).

The core development based on these two focus will ensure the sustainability of the 'weightage' direction of ANGKASA strategy to achieve ANGKASA’s Mission and Vision.