Corporate Communication Division


Uphold the image of ANGKASA as cooperative apex body nationally and internationally. To highlight ANGKASA as an an icon in cooperative source of information. Act as ANGKASA effective and professional communication medium professionally in line with the current development of communication technology.


Ensuring ANGKASA stays as an effective communication channel of information on cooperative advantages and promoting ANGKASA as an institute that drives forward the National Cooperative Movement  in undertaking its responsibility for the members. 


A Division that continuosly increase cooperative knowledge, activities, information on ANGKASA and cooperatives in making sure cooperative institution is well received by the public as the major economic driver for the economy.


Proactive, professional, customer-friendly and improving the image of the cooperative

Corporate Communication Responsibilities

1 .Center and source of writings and audio visual products for ANGKASA official media.

2 .To assist in the implementation of effective communication and making sure ANGKASA official event to run smoothly. To serve as a medium of information nationally and internationally.

3 .Ensure all matters related to communication and event management  are handled efficiently and achieve the targets being set.

4 .Promote ANGKASA activities by inviting media for media coverang.

5 .Manage Q&A of clients from the media, ANGKASA official website and other sources.

6 .Handle all matters involving protocol implementation in every event organized by ANGKASA