Internal Audit, Risk Management & Governance Division


To become a support entity that is efficient in driving ANGKASA towards outstanding performance as the apex body of the national co-operative movement.


Strengthening ANGKASA governing through:

  • Auditing methodology which is more systematic and professional
  • Maximize the utilization of human resources
  • Provide fact-oriented auditing / results

Division Strategic Plan

  1. Strengthening ANGKASA Internal Audit (JAD) Institution
  • Increase competency of JAD and staff of Internal Audit, Risk Management and Governance Division 
  • Improving infrastructure in parallel with the development of ANGKASA activities.
  • Enhance understanding of the role and functions of ANGKASA Internal Audit communities
  1. Effective and Efficient Financial Auditing Management
  • Prepare and propose internal audit reports. 
  • Ensure that the recommendations of the internal auditors approved by ANGKASA Governance Committies implemented by the management. 
  • Develop a rating system 
  1. ANGKASA Compliance Management System
  • Making sure ANGKASA achieve its objectives through a systematic and disciplined approach to evaluate and determine the effectiveness of internal controls and governance.
  • Provide audit report to add values and improve ANGKASA operational accountability.
  • Conduct audits in accordance with international auditing standards in a professional, independent
  1. Improve ANGKASA Community Integrity
  • Committed to maintain and strengthen the integrity of ANGKASA service while preventing corruption, abuse of power and irregularities in the organization. 
  • Supports the principles of integrity in business corporations.
  • ANGKASA compliance services and interaction with co-operative and any individuals that commits an act that could tarnish the image of ANGKASA.