Secrateriat Division



To support ANGKASA’s development and expansion as the Apex body for the National Cooperative Movement.


1.Provide efficient and effective core services towards ANGKASA and cooperative movement regarding membership (national and international), management of meetings and official events, ANGKASA liaison offices managament as well as asset management

2.Establish and maintain communications networks, both nationally and internationally.



The Administrative Division is the secretariat to ANGKASA for :

a) ANGKASA State Conference

b) ANGKASA General Assembly

c) Management of the National Governance Committee, ANGKASA State Liaison Committee andd) Management of National Governance Committee Meeting and ANGKASA Working Committee

d) Act as a liaison and coordinator between cooperative members and ANGKASA.Act as a liaison and coordinator to ANGKASA State Liaison Offices

e) To liase and coordinate with cooperative related such as the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Cooperatives danConsumerisme (Ministry), the Cooperative Societies Commission of Malaysia (SKM), Cooperative College of Malaysia (MKM), Ministry of Education (MOE) and others

f) Acting as a liaison and coordinator for international memberships ASEAN Cooperative Organization (ACO), the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA), the ICA Asia Pacific Regional and cooperative apex bodies of foreign countries.