Strategic Management Division



Materialize ANGKASA aspiration in strengthening the capabilities and capacities of ANGKASA as well as the cooperative sector.


To prepare a strong Strategic Planning in translating ANGKASA direction by drafting a strategic implementation initiatives and to increase the understanding and awareness of citizens through effective management


1. Develop and contribute long-term development strategy for divisions and ANGKASA corporate management, based on the analysis of the primary market, competitors, technological change and long-term market demand. Contribute to business planning and the implementation

2.Assist decision making on policy and strategic on management level including presenting ideas for new services. Assist in sector and division level in drafting high impact business strategic direction for the consumers.

3.Analyze the market in achieving the target set (KPI) by implementing the right business model strategy with the support of top management.

4.To enhance the image of ANGKASA and to improve the quality and KPI achievement as well as to coordinate and monitor KPI targets of all divisions and subsidiaries.


1. To plan, formulate, coordinate, monitor and oversee the implementation of policies that are guided by the strategic goals of ANGKASA as the Apex body of the National Co-operative Movement.

2. Formulate the concept and principles of ANGKASA KPI.

3.Create a system to measure and evaluate performance based on regular monitoring of the organization's objectives.

4.Determine the direction of development of ANGKASA strategic development including its subsidiaries.

5.Monitor, evaluate and report strategic achievement through overall KPI measurement of divisions and subsidiaries to ANGKASA Strategic Management Committee (MJPSA) and National Governance Committee (MJTK) periodically.