National Cooperative Policy 2011-2020

The National Cooperative Policy (DKN) 2011-2020 is a continuation from the previous policy (The National Cooperative Policy 2002 – 2010) by outlining strategies in enabling the co-operative movement to have an active role in developing the country together with public and private sector. ANGKASA is taking proactive measures in line with the National Cooperative Policy and Putrajaya Declaration in transforming the co-operative movement through projects with high economic impact. 

 The National Co-operative Policy is based on 5 strategic thrusts which are:

1.Encourage co-ops involvements in high value economic sectors

2.Strengthen the capacity and capability of co-ops

3.Create and enhance the capability of co-op human resources

4.Increase the confidence of the people in the co-op movement

5.Strengthen the co-operatives through effective supervision and enforcement